Historia’s Nightmare: The Game that will teach you about Global Warming!​

Play Historia’s Nightmare and lead Historia to the green island. In the meantime, explore the information about global warming and climate change.

I have developed a game for research purposes particularly about Global Warming and Climate change. The main purpose of this game is to teach the gamers about global warming.


In this research, We will try to find out if a video game is effective to raise social awareness or not. If yes, how effective it is. To play this game, you can simply click on the CTA.

Historia’s Nightmare Gameplay and Your Data

This game is a story-based game. A character, Historia, is in her nightmare. There she found a world totally different. It’s destroyed by war and climate change. The only way to be safe there is reaching to the Green Island. The gamer will play the game and lead the path to the Green Island. There are three levels. In each level, there are some enemy characters like a one-eyed demon, spiders, bats, ghosts, moving razors, etc. The gamer will have to avoid them and play as safely as possible.

At each level, there are different types of stars. The green star will reveal hints and the blue star will reveal the secret. Based on this information, before completing a level, the gamer will have to face a mini-quiz where he/she will find two MCQ questions. At least, one question’s answer needs to be correct to reach the next level.

At the end of the level, the character Morgan will come with a boat. Historia will need to get into it. Then, Morgan will lead her to Green Island.

In this game, your gaming activity data will be stored on my server for research purposes. You can find the privacy policy here: hkhasib.com/privacy-policy#historia

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